Your Friendly Freelance Florist

Tina Hodgson Flowers in Torrington provide fresh floral displays for all occasions: weddings, funerals, corporate events, birthdays and anniversaries. No festivity or special occasion is complete without beautiful fresh flowers: their wonderful colours and fragrance make them the essential finishing touch.

We will consider colour and form very carefully when choosing flowers for special events, be it flamboyant blooms, such as sculptural lilies, or voluptuous peonies, which immediately say ‘extravagance’ – while other flowers, such as romantic roses, have a symbolic association. And let us not forget there will always be an occasion which will require those all important vibrant bright colours and exotics.

Being a freelance business, we are not restricted with regards to travel and provide floral services within a 40 mile radius of Bideford, Devon. We have also been known to travel further, at the special request of a client, as far as Cheltenham and London.

Prices & Flower Availability

Tina Hodgson is a freelance florist covering both Devon & Cornwall. She has no shop, and instead works from her own home, so she does not carry a large stock of flowers. When you place your order the flowers will be ordered especially for you, and will be guaranteed to be fresh and of premium quality. Prices vary week by week dependant on availability and the season. Tina tries, where possible, to source locally grown flowers and herbs.